Does anyone teach us this? 

In the race we are taught that the image of the Public Accountant should reflect qualities such as respect, honesty, reliability, perseverance, order, punctuality, dedication, clarity and security, among others, but most of the young people who started in the working life we do not know how to achieve it.

More than clothing

So it happened to me, when I started the race I started working and I had no idea how to create the famous image of an Accountant; I had heard that this was only the dress and not hesitate, but it is not like that. At my first interview I attended with denim pants and black jacket, white shirt and shiny shoes, but what a surprise I took to see my competition with a suit, which caused me a huge insecurity. However, clothing is not the only thing that matters to project a good image, but also the knowledge and security that one has.

Watch and learn

Once accepted in that office, I observed how my experienced colleagues worked, the confidence they projected with their work and the security they reflected before the client. Over time my way of expressing changed, although sometimes the nerves beat me, I discovered that some gestures and gestures are also part of the professional image, as well as the way of speaking, since the accounting term is not known by all and I understood that we have to take care of the words we use, how we use them and with whom we use them. So, I also decided to improve my clothes because the visits to the clients were in their homes and sometimes I felt disgusted, because the phrase “How they see you are treated” is true, although what really matters is the quality of your work and how do you do it

The tools I acquired to improve my professional image helped me to embark on a new stage, I felt more prepared; However, that did not end with my professional image, at that time I only had a suit, so I decided to get a pair of dress pants. Then I understood the comment of my manager, that the image should reflect the perception of a person, the goals he has and the professionalism that he manages. Couple then already wore suit all week.

I compare myself … And what is missing!

Then I joined a new area in the firm which I am still learning to improve my professional image; therefore, I dare to give you some advice so that today you start to create your image as a future Public Accountant:

Clothing. At a job interview, put on a suit, and if you do not have one, wear dark dress pants and a light shirt; women can wear a skirt or dress pants and a light blouse or the color that suits them best, socks are a very good accessory.

vocabulary:Show yourself respectful to your interviewer, cordial and professional.

Puntuality.It always arrives, at least, 15 minutes before.

Cell off.Do not use your cell phone for any reason, it must be in silent or off mode.

Security.Show confidence in your answers.

Pride and realism.Highlights the academic achievements or experience without bragging.

Position.Maintain an upright posture, breathe, concentrate, you must mentalize before entering the interview and pay attention to the movements of your entire body.
tranquilidad.Si llegas a sentir inseguro, respira profundo y analiza tu respuesta. Si te equivocas, tranquilízate, solo analiza bien lo que te preguntan y pide un ejemplo.
Perseverancia. Do not give up, everything arrives in its moment.

So, I think about everything that I have acquired in this process of job growth and I can say that I am fascinated because, when comparing the young man who started his working life a few years ago with the person that I am now, I have noticed great differences .

Alejandro Bautista Jiménez

Public accounting student

Auxiliar de Auditoria A-2 en De la Paz, Costemalle-DFK.

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Publicado originalmente en la revista Contaduría Pública edición 538 año 45